Group Swim Lessons


Swimming is an essential skill. Our program ensures your child learns to swim in a gradual process that includes the introduction and mastery of various skill sets before moving on to new skills. Our program helps your child grow more confident in a safe and loving aquatic environment.

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Class Level Descriptions

The Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center Swim Lesson program is structured using American Red Cross guidelines. Levels are designed to build a foundation of basic swim skills that develop into mastering the different swim strokes. New participants will be tested to assist you in placing them in the appropriate level.

Parent/Tot (Ages 6 months - 3 years)

The purpose of parent/tot aquatics is to teach safe behaviors around the water. Parents and tots will develop swimming readiness as we lead them in water exploration activities with the objective of becoming comfortable in and around water, all while having fun together. Classes are 30 minutes. Water temperature is maintained at 84 degrees.

Preschool (Ages 3 - 5 years old)

This class aims to promote fundamental water safety and aquatic skills to young children. It teaches aquatic and safety skills in a logical progression through play. This class is for children who are not quite ready for the larger pool. It is all about water adjustment. Classes are 30 minutes.

Level 1 – Introduction to Water Skills (Ages 4 years & up)

This class is for children who are ready to learn how to swim. After passing this level, your child will be able to float on their front and back, kick and move their arms while swimming, and be able to swim in the large pool. Classes are 45 minutes.

Level 2 – Fundamental Aquatic Skills (Ages 5 years & up)

Swimmers will continue to develop skills learned in Level 1. In addition, swimmers will learn how to breathe in coordination with arm movements, while swimming on their front and back. Classes are 45 minutes.

Level 3 – Stroke Development (Ages 5 years & up)

In order to succeed in Level 3, swimmers must be comfortable in deep water above their head, and have knowledge of front crawl and back crawl with proper kick and arm movements. Swimmers will learn elementary backstroke, whip kick, dolphin kick, and scissors kick. Diving is introduced at this level. Classes are 45 minutes.

Level 4 – Stroke Improvement (Ages 6 years & up)

Level 4 will continue perfecting front and back crawl, along with learning breast stroke, side stroke, and butterfly. Students will learn aspects of competitive swimming by learning starts and turns. After completing this level, swimmers will be able to perform all of the swimming strokes. Classes are 45 minutes.

Level 5 – Stoke Refinement (Ages 7 years & up)

When a swimmer passes this level, they will have perfected each of the five strokes learned in Level 4, have knowledge of diving and flip turns, and will be ready for junior lifeguarding and swim team. Classes are 45 minutes.