Living with Wildlife

Animal Reports

The Police Department will respond to a report of an injured animal or to one that poses an immediate threat to human life or property. All other cases should by handled by Lake County Animal Care and Control or to a private agency with the means for the capture, relocation, housing, or disposal of wild animals at cost to the homeowner.


All Coyotes in Illinois are protected by the state and under the policy protection of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). A valid hunting or trapping permit is necessary from IDNR or from a licensed professional. It is recommended residents contact a professional (listing below) regarding coyotes and other wildlife on their property. To inquire about trapping permits on personal property, residents can contact the IDNR at (847) 608-3100. Click here to learn more about coyotes.

Living with Wildlife Additional Resources

View suggestions on how to live with wildlife and deal with situations at your home.

Private Agencies

The Hawthorn Woods Police Department does not represent or endorse any of the following private agencies. They are provided for referral only:

AgencyPhone Number
A-B-C Humane Wildlife Control(847) 870-7175
All Wildlife Animal Eviction(815) 788-0679
Animal Control Specialists Inc.(847) 827-7800
Any Illinois Wildlife Removal(815) 459-7553
Critter Control(847) 991-9909
Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation(847) 842-8000