Village Code Violation Citations

Citation Options

If you received a Village Code violation citation for a code violation or a non-moving traffic violation you have two options available to you. You must comply with one of the following options prior to the due date or the fine doubles.

  • You can pay the fine via U.S. mail in the envelope provided or in person at the Police Department.
  • If you wish to contest a Village Code citation that you received, you may request a hearing through the village's administrative adjudication process.

Requesting a Hearing

To request a hearing online please complete the Administrative Hearing Request Form. You may also simply sign the front portion of your citation and place it in the mail or drop it off at the police station prior to the due date. You may also call the traffic compliance coordinator at (847) 438-9050 during regular business hours.

You will be notified via mail of your hearing date and time. Administrative adjudication hearings are typically scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 9:00 am at the Village Hall. All penalty fees and fines will be suspended pending the outcome of the hearing process.