Public Works

The Four Seasons of the Public Works Department

The Village of Hawthorn Woods Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of 60 center-line miles of roadway and adjacent ditch lines, three public buildings, three park pavilions, 120 acres of public open space, 35 landscape cul-de-sac islands, 736 catch basins and manholes, and 120 miles of ditch lines.

Spring Activities

  • Equipment preparation
  • Mailbox repair
  • Opening outdoor public restrooms
  • Park maintenance
  • Parkway restoration
  • Pool and facility start-up
  • Spring cleaning of park

Summer Activities

  • Drainage projects
  • Facility maintenance
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Park maintenance
  • Road repairs
  • Special events support

Fall Activities

  • Fleet maintenance
  • Park maintenance
  • Snow and ice equipment preparation
  • Tree planting
  • Winterizing pool and facilities

Winter Activities

  • Facility maintenance
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Signage, roadway, and basin inspections
  • Snow and ice control on village roads
  • Tree trimming