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Waste Management
Residential Waste Pickup
Waste Management is the official provider of recycling and disposal needs for residents of the Village of Hawthorn Woods.  Your trash getting picked up on time is as important as the lights coming on when you flip the switch or water flowing when you turn on the faucet. Waste Management has the infrastructure needed to provide dependable waste pickup services throughout the nation and in your neighborhood.  Wednesday is the regularly scheduled waste pickup day for Hawthorn Woods residents.  Please contact Waste Management to set up an account and select your service preferences.  Please note there is no cost to add recycling service along with your waste pickup.  To register for Waste Management products and services, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at 1(800) 796-9696, or visit www.wm.com.

Advantages of Residential Waste Pickup Services

  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing you will be provided with on-time, every-time waste pickup
  • Quick and accurate answers from knowledgeable customer service representatives either online or by telephone
  • Easy online customer tools to help you manage your account and pay bills
The rates, effective January 1, 2017, are as follows:

Type of Service
Unlimited Residential Curb Svc 2X $28.66
Unlimited Residential Curb Svc (own)
Limited Residential Curb Svc (own)
Recycle Cart
Limited 96 g Cart Svc (rent)
Limited 96 g Cart Svc - Senior (rent)
Limited 96 g Cart Svc 2X
Limited Residential Curb Svc - Senior
Limited Curb Trash 2X
Backdoor Svc (in addition to trash code)
Backdoor Svc - Senior (in addition to trash code)
Unlimited Residential Curb Svc - Senior
Limited 64 g Cart Svc 2X
Limited 64 g Cart Svc - Senior
Limited 64 g Cart Svc

Yard Waste Pickup
home-yard-waste-pickup_thumb_thumb.jpgThe yard waste service collects grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs and other yard waste materials and takes them to facilities where they can be used to create renewable energy or compost.  The Village of Hawthorn Woods has an established Waste Management yard waste program.  To participate in the program, an annual payment of $118.00 is required.  To register for this service, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at 1(800) 796-9696, or visit www.wm.com.  Yard waste stickers are available for purchase in-person at Village Hall. Stickers can also be ordered for mail delivery through Waste Management.

How it Works: Simply place your grass clippings, leaves and bundled limbs at the curb the morning of collection day (Wednesday).  Grass, leaves and garden waste will be picked up weekly for all waste properly contained in wheeler carts, toters or bagged in Kraft paper bags and tagged.  All waste must be at curbside and accessible for pick-up by 6:00 a.m.  All waste must be separate from garbage. Brush or branches are to be properly contained, bagged or bundled and tied so that one man can load into truck.  All pieces must be cut into lengths not exceeding 4 foot (4'), bundles not to be over 2.5 feet (2.5') in diameter, and no individual pieces exceeding 8 inches (8") in diameter.  All stone and dirt must be off shrub and brush for disposal. 

Conditions of Service:
 Lawn and garden waste will be picked up from April 1st - November 30th of each year.  Stickers must be applied to each kraft paper bag or bundle of brush for pick up at curb.  For large cleanups, please contact Waste Management for special containers and rates. 

Below are the yard waste sticker rates available for purchase at Village Hall:

1 $3.00   11 $27.50 21 $52.50
2 $6.00   12 $30.00 22 $55.00
3 $9.00   13 $32.50 23 $57.50
4 $12.00 14 $35.00 24 $60.00
5 $15.00 15 $37.50 25 $62.50
6 $18.00 16 $40.00 26 $65.00
7 $21.00 17 $42.50 27 $67.50
8 $24.00 18 $45.00 28 $70.00
9 $27.00 19 $47.50 29 $72.50
10* $25.00 20 $50.00 30 $75.00
*Price break begins at $2.50 each

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